Park Areas

Take some time to see our flock of Caribbean flamingos or watch as our red ruffed and black and white lemurs jump and play. It’s the perfect start to your zoo adventure.


Walk through Entry Point and say hello to our three species of bears: sun bear, spectacled bear and black bear.


Walk through this majestic area as water flows over the rocks. Our Cat Grotto is home to small cats like the caracal, clouded leopard and black-footed cat.


A naturalistic enclosure with ropes and vines give the gibbons opportunity for movement and play.


The Savanna features an exciting exhibit that is home to our three giraffes, Cosmo, Alan, and Brayden, as well as birds and zebras. We also offer daily opportunities to feed at the interactive feeding station.


Natural limestone spans the center of the zoo where our rhino, storks and hoofstock roam.


Home to a new habitat and our lions, Big Cat Valley allows guests to get face-to-face with these magnificent animals – making for an unforgettable, unique experience while visiting the zoo.


Here you will encounter birds from all parts of the world, from the deserts of the American southwest, coastal beaches, South American rain forest, the jungles of Asia, to the African bush and many others.


Amazonia is home to more than thirty species of tropical animals including jaguars, an ocelot, monkeys, bats, fish and a slot. Also, there are many types of tropical plants including orchids and bromeliads.


Specially designed for kids under five, tiny explorers can dig, climb, get wet (bring your swim diapers and get dirty as they uncover and discover nature’s wonders. Learn More