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Conservation is one of the cornerstones of the San Antonio Zoo’s mission. The Zoo’s commitment to conservation is clearly demonstrated through the number of conservation programs in which staff is directly involved.

Each year, the San Antonio Zoo participates in and gives financial support to a variety of conservation efforts around the world. The Zoo has the ability to work towards this goal through a combination of different methods. Among them are:

The Zoo is involved in many conservation projects:

  • Wild Cats of Tamaulipas (WCT)
  • Habitat Restoration- Bracken Bat Cave
  • Coqui Conservation Initiative (CCI)
  • Chilean Amphibian Conservation Center (CACC)
  • Conservation of the Monarch Butterfly
  • Edwards Aquifer Authority- Habitat Conservation Plan
  • Project Atelopus
  • Gilman International Conservation: Epulu Okapi Project
  • Colobus Conservation Ltd.
  • Conservation of the Micronesian Kingfisher 
  • Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF)
  • International Elephant Foundation (IEF)
  • Madagascar Fauna Group (MFG)
  • Snow Leopard Trust (SLT)
  • DEEPEND- Deep Pelagic Nekton Dynamics
  • Zoo Conservation Outreach Group (ZCOG)

We are proud of the conservation successes at the San Antonio Zoo and around the world. We would like to thank our members and donors for making this possible.