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Experience the Zoo After Dark

Evening Programs

Looking for a fun, educational experience for your group? Join us after the closes and experience the Zoo in a whole new way!! See below to learn more about after hours tour and overnight programs! Tour programs can also be scheduled during the day, email to arrange today!


Roars & Snores

Ages 5 and up
6:30 pm - 8:30 am
Cost: $45 per person, 20 person minimum
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Are you ready to choose your own adventure?  Roars & Snores overnight programs include the activity theme of your choice, animal presentations, a night tour of the Zoo, and evening snack, a continental breakfast, a Roars & Snores patch and all day admission to the Zoo after your program.

NEW--Choose your own theme!

Roars & Snores:  Up All Night - Explore the special adaptations that nocturnal animals have developed and find out which animals are up all night!  Of course we will need to get some sleep for more fun in the morning.

Roars & Snores:  Jaws and Claws - Predator or prey?  Jaws and claws can help us determine which animals have been in the area.  Sharpen your observation skills and study the clues to solve the mystery.

Roars & Snores:  Camouflage and Colors - Why are some animals camouflaged while others display bright colors?  Discover the science behind coloration and patterns, then take the camouflage challenge.

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Add Pizza!
Enjoy hot, fresh cheese pizza, carrots and ranch, and lemonade while you wait for your group to arrive and your program to begin! Upon registration, choose the option to add a Pizza Dinner to your program.

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Upgrade your Roars and Snores sleeping experience for an additional $15 per person!

Imagine sleeping along the riverbank under the watchful eyes of hippos and crocodiles...that's just part of the exciting adventure you'll experience when you spend the night in Africa Live! Choose your theme and spend the night in our Africa Live! exhibit.  Limited dates available - call and Upgrade your Roars & Snores to Africa Live!



Twilight Tour

All ages, designed for 6 and up
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Cost: $275 for 15 participants; extra guests $15 each
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