Bexar Bird Day

Join the San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium, Mitchell Lake Audubon Center, & Government Canyon State Natural Area in conjunction with San Antonio River Authority and SeaWorld San Antonio as we will be celebrating International Migratory Bird Day on May 14, 2016. We will have information on the Golden-cheeked Warbler, an endangered species that lives and breeds ONLY here in Central TX, including Bexar County. The day will be filled with family-fun bird activities, games, and presentations.

Join us for special Animal Chats and Animal Care Specialist Presentations

  • 10:30am - King Vulture Training
  • 11:00am - Flamingos and Rudy Ducks at the Tiny Tot Nature Spot
  • 1:00pm - Guinea Fowl and Secretary Bird Habitat near Hixon
  • 1:30pm - Macaws near Crossroads Cage
  • 2:00pm - Bug toss in Africa Live
  • 2:30pm - Pelican Feeding across from Carousel


Visit our migration stations to learn about birds, make bird art, and play bird games!

Snake Walk

  • Let's Band Together!:  Become a bird and get banded and learn about birds in your own backyard.
  • The Great Migration Challenge Game: Fun for the entire family! Learn about the challenges birds undertake during migration and what you can do for birds in your own backyard!
  • San Antonio River Authority: Learn to identify native birds, where to find cool birds on the San Antonio River and why the river is so important to migratory birds.

Front Flamingos

  • Learn About Flamingos: Why are they pink? Why do they stand on one leg? Do they migrate?
  • Build a Bird Game: Come visit our body shop and build a custom bird!

Discovery Booth

  • Learn about Birds: You never know what might be in store! Feathers, eggs, wings galore!
  • Beaks and Eats!: Dig out a worm and learn about bird beaks!

Butterflies! The Caterpillar Flight School

  • Migration Matters: Find out how you can get hummingbirds and other pollinators in your own backyard! Birds are not the only ones who migrate; come learn about butterflies!
  • Endangered Texas Bird!: Learn about Golden-cheek Warblers, our native Texan Endangered Bird, and scope out some wild birds through a spotting scope!  Learn how warblers build their nest and why South Texas and Bexar County are this birds' exclusive nesting ground!

Bird Ally Near Beastro

  • Tools of the Trade:  Presented by our incredible animal care specialist and volunteers! Come learn how we care for our birds and what the zoo does for conservation.
  • Whooo’s there?: Discover who, what, when, and why owls are so amazing!

Hixon Bird House

  • Fill the Bill Game: Come play a game and learn how the right beak gets all the good eats!

Africa Live!

  • Fold a Flock!: Come learn to fold an origami swan, Golden-cheeked warbler or crane!
  • Give a WHOOP!: Learn about the San Antonio Zoo’s work with whooping cranes and how YOU can help!
  • Bird Diversity: Compare and contrast Texas native birds to those found in Africa in the upstairs aviary!

Kronkosky’s Tiny Tot Nature Spot

  • Oil Spill Clean-up: At the Entrance of the Tiny Tot Nature Spot learn how oil spills affect bird feathers and how we can clean them up to fly again!
  • Discovery House: Nest with the Best! Come Play in a nest and learn about nests! Make bird friendly crafts and participate in some fun bird day activities designed for children ages 0-5.

Lory Landing

  • Enjoy a close encounter with some awesome parrots from down under! (Lory nectar is $1.50 per cup.)

Birdy Go Round!

  • Take a spin on a Whooping crane, hummingbird, bald eagle and other migratory birds on our Conservation Carousel. (Rides are $2.50 each.)

Thank you for visiting the San Antonio Zoo and our Partner San Antonio River Authority
during Bexar Bird Day!
San Antonio

  • Visit our whooping cranes and other one-of-a-kind birds at YOUR SAN ANTONIO ZOO! Visit our education page for more education themed events, summer camps, and other education programs.

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  • Learn also about Martha, the San Antonio Zoo’s Memorial of the last of the passenger pigeons. (Because forgetting is another kind of extinction.)

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