Monarch Fest

Mark your calendars for this year's Monarch Fest happening March 3rd & 4th. In partnership with the City of San Antonio we are hosting a two-day festival celebrating all things monarchs, milkweed and migration! Receive FREE milkweed seeds, participate in fun games and crafts, and learn how you can help end the extinction of the monarch butterfly. This event is FREE with zoo admission.

What is Monarch Fest?

In 2017 the city of San Antonio was named the first Monarch Champion City by the National Wildlife Federation. As a Monarch Champion City, we are dedicated to adopting 24 recommended actions cited by the NWF, and one of those happens to be hosting a festival dedicated to the Monarch butterfly. The San Antonio Zoo is helping fulfill one of the 24 actions by hosting the city’s first ever Monarch Fest! 

What will be happening at Monarch Fest?

During Monarch Fest, guests are able to learn all about monarch butterflies. They will also receive FREE milkweed seeds, nectar seeds, and will have the opportunity to purchase native and beneficial plants. 

How can YOU help butterflies and moths?

-Plant native or beneficial butterfly nectar and host plants.

-Eliminate the use of pesticides.

-Turn out your lights at night.

-Slow down on the road in nature areas.

-Know when to mow and mow less often. Or not mow!

-Create a certified backyard habitat or monarch way station.

-Tag a monarch or raise a pet monarch caterpillar from Monarch Watch!

-Buy organic and NON-GMO products.

-Put juice or organic sugar in your hummingbird feeders or set out your organic rotting fruit on an elevated surface.

-Visit the Butterfly House!