Race division rules

H-E-B 33rd "Animal" Zoo Run Relay Race Divisions and Rules:

Easy team registration:

1. Pick a team captain, have them register and create a team name and team password

2. Let your team members know your category, your team division (if applicable), your team name, and your team password

3. Team members can register by clicking on the correct category and choosing your team name, and entering your team password

It's that simple!


DIVISIONS: 4 Men 4 Women Co-Ed (2 men/2 women)(Any other combination can register, but will not be eligible for awards.)

CATEGORIES: Government Employees: Four runners that are all active and/or retired government employees by profession. All four runners must be employed, or formerly employed if retired, by a government agency.

Military/First Responders: Four runners that are all active and/or retired members of Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Dept. All four runners must be current or retired military/law enforcement/fire dept.

Corporate: Four runners that are all employed by the same corporation or employer. All four runners must be currently employed by the same employer.

Family: Four runners that all belong in the same family. Category includes immediate and non-immediate family including mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and in-laws.


14& under: Four runners that are all age 14 or younger. All four runners must meet the age requirements.

High School: Four runners who attend high school (9th- 12th grade). All four runners must be high school students for the high school category, but do NOT need to be from the same high school.

Masters (40-49): Four runners that are all between age 40 and age 49. All four runners must meet the age requirements.

Supermasters (50 & over): Four runners that are all age 50 and older. All four runners must meet the age requirements.

Open: Everybody is welcome. Division is intended for runners that do not meet any of the other racing divisions.

Need a Team? We can help you! Just register under "Need a team?" and we'll put you on a team! (These teams will be entered in the Open Category) Step 1: Review gender sub-divisions.


San Antonio Zoo Run Relay Rules


    • 1. Each team will consist of four (4) runners designated with their team number Any and all changes of team members must be made prior to the start of the race. The use of a runner not listed before the start of the race will be cause for disqualification of the team in violation of this rule.


    • 2. Each team member must run one relay leg. No team member is allowed to run more than one leg. Each leg will consist of a 2-mile distance. The relay baton must be passed from one runner to another in the exchange zone.


    • 3. We really encourgae everyone to use early packet pick-up, but if you cant make it, race day packet pick-up begins at 5pm, at Koehler Pavillion. The race will start at 6:15pm. Due to the pedestrian congestion, it is requested that only the lead runners be at the starting area at the start of the relay race.



    • 4. There will be a San Antonio Zoo sponsored refreshment/aid station at the exchange zone, consisting of Gatorade, water, beverages and barbeque. It is recommended that take advantage of the refreshments to remain hydrated and energized.


    • 5. Relay runners must have their bib number in clear sight on their front at all times during the race.


    • 6. There will be traffic control along the course, at all intersections and at the exchange zone. There will also be race officials monitoring the race route through out the race. The rules are for your safety and not to be taken lightly. Violations of the race rules will be cause for immediate disqualification.


    • 7. Baton hand-offs must only be made in the designated exchange zone. Any team
      observed handing off anywhere other than the designated exchange zones will be disqualified from place consideration.


    • 8. All teams are responsible to know the race route, however, if a team should make a wrong turn or miss a turn, they should retrace their steps and return to the correct route and they will not be disqualified. If a team happens to go the wrong direction and their mistake takes them an extended distance, their mishap may be reviewed and not penalized.


    • 9. Should a team drop out, they are required to notify the race organizers.


    • 10. The progress of all teams will be monitored and as long as a team is still on the course, the finish line will remain open.


    • 11. Upon completion, the final runner will be given a number by race officials. This number must be delivered to your race category table (the table where you received your registration packet) immediately to remain eligible for the awards ceremony.


Safety Concerns

1. Even though we will have the Security Officers for traffic control and security, we do not have full use of the roads and you are advised to run with an awareness of traffic and obstacles. Always stay to the side of the roadway and please report any dangerous conditions you may observe.


Have every member of your team and your drivers, read and keep a copy of these rules. The excuse of "I DIDN'T KNOW" will not be accepted if there is a violation of the written rules.

Have a safe and enjoyable race!