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February 2016    
Elephant James J. Zahorik Senior Keeper
January 2016    
Elephant Saint Mary's Hall Room 4 Ambassador
December 2015    
Komodo Dragon Oliver Wellins Senior Keeper
Lion Warren Gray Senior Keeper
Lion Zach Wellins Senior Keeper
Owl Renee C. Nicholas Senior Keeper
Giraffe Calogero Colunga Senior Keeper
Elephant Judge Randy Gray Senior Keeper
Alligator Snapping Turtle In Memory of Hope & Charlie Cookson Senior Keeper
Okapi Carson Darilek Senior Keeper
Tiger Amanda Walsh Senior Keeper
Giraffe Mr. and Mrs. William J. Merrill Assistant Curator
Elephant Stirista Executive Director
Zebra Stirista Executive Director
Florida Chicken Turtle Stirista Executive Director
November 2015    
Black and White Ruffed Lemer Noah & Leigh-Anne Schick Senior Keeper
Jaguar James Cain Senior Keeper
Jaguar Robert Schnitzler Senior Keeper
October 2015    
Bumble Bee Dart Frog Allen Hollingsworth Senior Keeper
Elephant Kathy Stanchak Senior Keeper
Spider Monkey Jacob Rexer Senior Keeper
Lion Cub Lilliana & Adalynn Gronberg Senior Keeper
Jaguar Helena Hanor Senior Keeper
African Wild Dog Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Villarreal Senior Keeper
Elephant Josiah Alvarez Senior Keeper
September 2015    
Flamingo Violet Strayer Senior Keeper
Lion In Memory of Ramon De Leon III Senior Keeper
Lion Cubs, Tawny Frogmouth,
Burrowning Owls, and Spectacled Bear
The Wednesday Docents Lead Keepers
Rhino In Memory of Roc Matlee Tyler Senior Keeper
August 2015    
Cheetah Aisha Robins Senior Keeper
Elephant Darby Jones Senior Keeper
Lion Cubs Chapel and Asher James Senior Keeper
Aldabra Tortoise Kathleen Lillie Senior Keeper
Lion Cubs The Knox Family Senior Keeper
July 2015    
Female Kingfisher Jessica and Barrett Squires Assistant Curator
June 2015    
Tiger Robert M. Vance Keeper
Spectacled Owl Chirs Detrick Senior Keeper
Hippo Leah Hartman Senior Keeper
May 2015    
Okapi Caterina Biever Senior Keeper
Black and White Ruffed Lemur Cibolo Green Elementary Ambassador
Sloth Lisa Mattzela Lead Keeper
Sloth Catherine Diga Lead Keeper
Sloth Mom Lead Keeper
April 2015    
American Flamingo Julia C. Robinson Senior Keeper
Elephant Zephaniah Smith Senior Keeper
Franciois Langur Binks Medley Senior Keeper
Sloth Christina Jenkins Lead Keeper
Sloth Stephen Thomas Lead Keeper
Sloth Jeanne Schnuriger Lead Keeper