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Donation Opportunities

Providing 62 animal naming opportunities, the carousel will house 60 hand-painted animals, and 2 chariots for our riders with special needs. Naming opportunities for animals vary based on location on the carousel. For more details, see the carousel page.

The carousel area of Zootennial Plaza also offers naming opportunities for the Carousel Gathering Plaza, and the ticket booth.

Moving on to the centerpiece of Zootennial Plaza, the restaurant offers many named giving opportunities, ranging from the actual restaurant itself, to the dining hall, the VIP meeting room, and an incredible history wall, detailing the Zoo’s first one hundred years.

Much-loved animals from our history will be featured both on the restaurant building, and around Zootennial Plaza, and these fondly-remembered animals, picnic areas, benches and other features of Zootennial Plaza are also available for naming.

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